Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mr. Buttons Snowpants

We had a pretty good snow fall last night, so this morning we bundled up and went out to see if we could build a snowman.

First step - putting on the layers ("yayers")

Forging a trail. The snow was almost too deep for Molly. She lost a boot a couple of times, but stayed amazingly dry - she would just fall over and put her foot up in the air and wait for me to help her.

It was good packing snow, so we started building. (Can you see Elijah's tape? I used packing tape to keep their mittens tucked securely into their coats. Works great!)

A good start.

He's not big, but he's cute! They named him Mr. Buttons Snowpants, and he is apparently a fan of the US Marine Corps.

They decorated him all over with "buttons."

Baby update - 12 weeks

Well, here we are at 12 weeks! I know we're not actually out of the first trimester yet, but 12 weeks always comes as a welcome relief. Baby is the size of a lime now and moving little fingers and toes.

I just found out that I'm anemic - so iron supplements here we come. Hopefully they aren't as awful as everyone says. I was a little anemic before I got pregnant with Elijah, but some extra spinach and red meat resolved that. I guess it explains my recent taco, hamburger and steak cravings! (Not, however, the chips and queso craving. I can't say that I desperately need some nutrition that is going to provide, as much as I'd like to justify it.)

At the risk of jinxing things, I think I'm starting to feel a little better, generally. I've been able to eat better lately, and a little less often, and the nausea is a little less constant. I did catch Elijah's stomach bug the other night, and have some very beautiful broken capillaries around my eyes to show for it. But I haven't thrown up this week other than that! Yay!

Sorry, I am not going to take regular pictures of the bump for y'all, at least not until I'm looking more pregnant and less just plain chubby.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some pictures I missed

Here are just a few pictures that never made it to the blog.

Making Christmas cookies:

Hello, crazy eyes! (she does make that face a lot)

Still life, by Elijah

Haircut by Daddy this time. E's still not a fan of the clippers.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random thoughts and quotes

Yesterday at nap time, Elijah threw up. In typical Elijah style, he didn't even tell me for a while. When he did, he said (in a very normal, happy voice), "Mama, I threw up. It's OK. That happens sometimes. Remember a long time ago on the way home from Bobbi's house when I threw up in the van? It just happens sometimes."

I said, "How are you? Do you feel a little better now?"

"Yep, I'm fine."

Nothing ever really bothers him much. He was a little less cavalier after throwing up a few more times, but never lost his cheerfulness. What a funny kid.

The kids are getting used to the idea that we're going to have a baby now, and like to ask questions. At first they were quite concerned that the baby would get wet when I drank water, and that I might throw up the baby when I was sick, but I think they understand now that the baby is quite safe in there.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Super hero girl!

Today Molly announced that she is a "super hero girl." It started because she put on her "super hero rain boots."

She's ready for action!

Don't mess with Super Hero Girl.

Mama disclaimer: I just want to say that I am not responsible for this outfit.

Update: We just learned that Super Hero Girls don't die because they have lots of tutus.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow day!

Yesterday morning we woke up to a few inches of snow - our first significant snow of the year - and a two-hour delay for preschool. The kids were thrilled to finally have enough to go out and play in it!

Do you think she is wearing enough pink? She won't ever get lost in the snow!

They had so much fun running around and falling and sliding that they didn't mind too much that it was a bit too powdery to build a snowman. Hooray for snow!

Monday, January 10, 2011

The boys

I just love pictures of the boy and his daddy.

And, I don't know why, but I just love these shirts. Elijah is growing out of his, so we took some pictures the other day. Love these boys!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Crossing the finish line!

New job. Check.
Move to temporary space. Check.
Search for house. Check.
Get pregnant? Check!
Have offer accepted on house. Check.
Successful inspection. _______
Move-in date. Feb. 25-28
Have friends and family help with move. Promising beer and pizza to any takers...


Update: house and moving on hold for now. :(

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Number 3

We are having a baby! Our third little Shmuffin is about 8 weeks along, and is due August 8th. Another summer baby. We seem to be continuing several streaks here - each new baby in a different state, moving each time I've been pregnant ... lots of fun stuff. I am feeling pretty sick and miserable (also for the third time) but thankfully only actually puking occasionally. We were pretty excited to have a good ultrasound and see a healthy little heartbeat (right where it is supposed to be!) before Christmas, and to be able to tell both our families when they were all together for Christmas.

We are now especially thankful to be at least in the process of finding and buying a bigger house where there will be enough room for all five of us, plus any of all of you very loved people who might want to come and stay. =) We are in the waiting and hoping stage after putting in an offer on a house - our third in the past couple of months. We're praying that it will all work out, if this really is the house for us.

So, lots of big news.