Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just cute

I was trying to get some nice pictures of the kiddos last week, just because I don't seem to have very many lately that are cute smiles - usually I am taking pictures of them doing something, I guess. Here are a couple of my attempts to get just a plain ol' nice photo. Ha!

Very typical Molly grin -when she smiles she goes all out!

She's been wearing this 3-piggy (Cindy-Lou Who) hair style a lot lately.

This is what I got when I asked Bubba to smile:
What? Is he 13 already?

Not much better.

Aha! There it is!

That's my sweet boy's smile!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Catching up - Children's Museum

Back in May, Patrick was able to take a day off and come with us to the Children's Museum! We had a fun time, and it was a lot less crowded than other times that we've gone, which was nice.

Playing with shapes and colors at the light blocks table.

One of Elijah's favorite places - the construction machines.

Taking a water break.

Some Rhode Island homes and food throughout history.

The toddler/pre-school play area - so fun! And such a relief not to be constantly run over by the big kids.

Avocado, anyone?

Water room!

What a fun day!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A long, hot day

Last week we lost power at our house for most of the day - it went out after breakfast, and came back on just before the kids went to bed. It was a hot day! The kids spent the early part of the morning playing with water outside. They had a great time, but got pretty hot after a while, even though they were soaking wet.

Measuring and pouring and trying to keep cool!

When they looked like they were getting too hot, we went back inside. Thankfully the house stayed pretty cool until lunch time. (I guess it helped that we were outside!) I stripped the kids down and let them chill out with the portable dvd player until lunch.

It always takes a long time for the redness in Elijah's cheeks to go down.

We managed to get through naps alright, even without the air conditioner or fan. I was worried because the window AC means that we can't open their window at all, and they always have a fan on when they are sleeping. Hot + extra quiet = not good! They both slept OK though, and it was pretty warm, but not crazy hot in there when they got up. We watched the construction machines across the parking lot, and the utilities truck that came to fix the transformer for a while before dinner, and then went out to meet Patrick at a Chinese food restaurant. They had air conditioning! Hooray!

When we got home, the power was back on. I was so glad to be able to turn the light on and close the door in the bathroom. =)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Construction Machines!

We have enjoyed hours and hours of entertainment during the last two weeks, courtesy of the construction going on across the parking lot. They are putting in pipes for new fire suppressing sprinklers over there. We have two excavators (one of which has been using an impact hammer instead of it's scoop for the past couple of days), a dump truck, a couple of rollers, and a skid steer to watch in action. The kids are loving it, of course!

Catching up - some spring photos

I discovered I have some catching up to do - I have a bunch of pictures from before our trip that I hadn't put up yet! Here are some from earlier in May.

A beautiful double rainbow from our back door.

Sitting in a bin ...

reading her Bible.

This is still what Elijah spends most of his indoor playtime doing - building "awesome" tracks.

Molly is getting pretty good at it now, too. "Mama, I buiwd awesome twack!"

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Strawberry picking

Last week we got to spend a morning strawberry picking at a local farm with friends from church. It was warm and sunny and the kids really enjoyed it! I think we ruined a lot more fruit - the kids have a hard time watching where they are walking - and maybe even ate more than we picked, but we had fun and came home with a manageable amount of strawberries that we could eat without having to freeze them or make jelly.

Hat, check. Glasses, check. Sunscreen, check. Ready!

Arlen and Titus were ready to go, too!

Picking! Molly had a hard time remembering to only pick the red ones.

Elijah did pretty well!

Proud of his basket

Enjoying the tractor ride back from the fields.

The fruit of our labor!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Molly!

Today was both Father's Day and Molly's second birthday!

The birthday girl

We started the day with a special breakfast - Mickey Mouse shaped, blueberry pancakes for Miss Molly, and Daddy chose granola with blueberries on top. We had a good day of church and naps and talking with grandparents (on the phone and Skype) and playing outside, and then homemade pizza for dinner. After dinner we had a little celebration for Molly. Since we already got to celebrate with my family and with Patrick's family on our trip, it was just us, some balloons, and cake and ice cream. It was fun!

The cake!

Elijah ate the frosting and left the cupcake, but did eat his ice cream!

Molly ate everything. Yum!

And she was covered in it!

In her birthday PJs, with her Daddy, ready for bed.

It was a fun day. Patrick, thanks for sharing your Father's Day this year!

Miss Molly is growing up so fast. She talks all the time, and in full sentences. She wants to be a "struction" truck worker and a mama when she grows up. She loves her baby and loves to play tea party and trains and cars with Elijah. She occasionally wants to sit on the potty, but isn't very serious about potty training yet. We recently reached a milestone - Molly's hair is finally long enough to wear ponytails! She wasn't sure about having things put into her hair at first, but after spending a week with her cousins Piper and Tallie, she thinks her "piggies" are great. I like that we can do something cute with her hair, despite the fact that it's still filling in on top, and she stays a little cooler. She continues to get taller and taller all the time, and some of her cute baby roundness is starting to thin out (just a little bit). Her 2 year visit to the doctor is going to be a little late, so we'll see how tall she is then. She is very silly and loves to make us laugh - her little gap-tooth grin is so cute! We are so blessed to have our little Miss Molly in our family.

Showing off her piggy tails

So grown up!