Friday, April 29, 2011

Some spring pictures

Just a couple of pictures from the other day when we went to the park to play and enjoy the spring weather with a picnic. We've had so much rain this year that when we do get a sunny day, everything grows explosively - you should see how crazy the dandelions are! They are everywhere. We had fun picking them and making bouquets and chains.

"I'm the king of spring!"

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

All of Bobbi & Papa's grandkids, ready to start the annual egg hunt!

Yowza! That's a lot of eggs!

Check out our eggs!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


At the Blue & White game, in the pouring rain. Yep, we're nuts.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring and the decorator itch

We will now take a (very long, rambling) break from your regularly scheduled dose of kid news.

I've been itching to decorate our space for a long time now ... like since 2007. But now that it's spring, and we've been in this interminable loop of waiting to hear about whatever house we currently have an offer on, I just can't stop thinking about what we're going to do with our new space when we get it. The idea of a place of our OWN where we can do what we want is inspiring me to want to paint the walls (and a bunch of our hand-me-down, mis-matched furniture) fresh, soft spring colors and nice, bright (clean) white! Maybe I've been living with plain (and ugly) white rental/student housing walls for too long, since I'm not normally a big painter. I think my style has evolved some, too, since I was last able to do any decorating. Our casual/classic (or comfortable traditional) vibe is getting just a bit of coastal/cottage influence.

I am very, very excited to be able to hang pictures and curtains, and to get out all the books and bookshelves. At our last place in Rhode Island, we made a fun gallery wall of pictures that we love (mostly of places that we love - some of our own shots and some of our loved friend Reb's incredible photos - if you love them too, you can check out her new etsy shop), and I am excited to get those pictures out and maybe even fill it out a little more. Mountains, beach, Ireland - happy. =)

All laid out on the floor, ready to hang. I never did take a picture of it on the wall - doh.

I'm trying to be reasonable, and not get my hopes up that we'll be able to do a whole lot right away, since any available funds will go toward actually buying the house and any appliances, etc. that may be necessary to get it up and functioning, but I think there will be a lot of little, inexpensive things that I will want to do as soon as I can. (Because moving and promptly having a new baby isn't enough to have on your plate.) I have a cool little cubbie shelf riding around in the back of the van, ready to help organize the toys in whatever basement/playroom area we may end up with, and a fun little kid-sized table and chairs (in storage for now) for art projects and puzzles and such.

I would love to make some fun, interesting wall art for that playroom space, too. This map idea is fantastic (and pretty cheap), and I have some kid art and some other fun (cheap) mod podge canvas ideas floating around in my head that would be great with it, based loosely on something like this:
We already made a rustic and western looking name plate for Elijah's cowboy room, and I have all the supplies to make some great letter tiles for Molly's name in her girly new room.

I think I already have most of what I need to put the kids' rooms back together into something fun and cute, but I am on the lookout for appropriately-sized chairs/beanbags (or whatever) so that they can each have a little reading corner with a book shelf and a cozy spot to sit. I don't know why, but I am SUPER excited to make that happen for each of them. I've also been designing a big-girl quilt for Molly in my head for about a year now. (That's going to be on hold until she really needs it though, since I've got a bunch of baby quilts that are much more pressing at the moment.)

Here are some other pictures that are inspiring me:

A little mudroom nook - I think I would skip the middle shelf and hang the hooks a little higher, and I'm sure anything at our house would be less pretty and more utilitarian and basic, but I love all the storage! Mittens, jackets, backpacks, shoes and boots, all in one place - perfect.

I'm also excited to get out my grandma's dining room table and have enough room to have people over. Of course, we're gonna need some chairs, so that people don't have to stand around that table! =) Well, we can throw together the whole motley crew of mis-matched chairs from all over until I find some I like and can afford, but I love the ones in the pictures below - the shape of the first ones and the fabric on the blue striped ones in the background of the second picture. I'm a sucker for comfortable upholstery, and washable slipcovers, and curved backs instead of the plain old square backs of regular parsons chairs. Wouldn't it be great to have some nice, summery slipcovers like these, and some darker ones for when you want something more formal? (Have I thought about this too much? Oh yes, definitely.)

(photos from House Beautiful)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Our new neice Madeline!

We love you, sweet girl!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Elijah's Preschool Easter Concert

Last week, Elijah performed in his first concert - the Preschool Easter Program at his school. When I heard about it I asked him what he was going to do, and he said, "I'm gonna sing some songs and do some moves." Hey, who could pass up an opportunity to see Elijah's moves?

Here are the kids, all dressed up and ready to go:

Um, not exactly the best photo I've ever taken of them.

Elijah was more excited to go than he looks. Both the morning of the concert, and the morning before, he was dressed and wearing a tie when I went in to wake him for school. He just couldn't wait!

Despite his excitement, Elijah ran out of enthusiasm about half way through the program. He did a great job at first, but after he had to sit and wait through a couple of other classes doing their songs, he was over it. It was so fun to go and see him perform on stage for the first time! Daddy, Molly and I loved it.

We took some video of the concert, but as of now, it won't load to blogger. We'll keep trying!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Tonight Molly told me, "Jesus plays Hungry, Hungry Hippos with us. In our hearts."

And another nice quote, from the mind of an almost three-year-old:

"Mama, my baby [doll] is sick. She has to go to heaven so God can heal her. Maybe He has some apple juice to make her feel better."

Monday, April 4, 2011

Breakfast in bed

While my mom was here, Patrick and I got to spend a night away on our own, courtesy of a gift certificate to the Yorktowne Hotel that he won at work. Patrick arranged for a pregnancy massage for me that afternoon (so wonderful!) and then we drove down to Maryland to a great little outdoor shopping area.

The weather was fantastic that day, and we enjoyed walking around and eating dinner out on the patio. Patrick chose the place because they have a Noodles & Co. - another fantastic treat! (Seriously, that place makes me so happy, especially after a few years of living far away from them.) We had our favorites ... well, Patrick had his favorite (Pad Thai) and I had small bowls of two of my favorites, Tuscan Linguine and Mac & Cheese. I may be eating for two, but I just couldn't get all three of my favorites - that would just be ridiculous. =)

Mmmmm ... mac & cheese.

Back at the hotel, a wonderful day was topped off with chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. (Real for Patrick, faux for me!) We got to sleep in and have room service breakfast in bed. What a wonderful treat for a tired mama! We spent most of the rest of the day enjoying being together and finding some fun local food and even enjoying some appliance and house-related pre-shopping (just to be prepared - not because we know anything yet - don't get too excited).

Breakfast yumminess.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

When I'm a grown-up

The other morning Molly and I were running our errands. We had a very typical conversation with one of the check-out ladies.
"Hello, I love your cute pigtails! How old are you?"
"I'm two!"
"Wow! She's really big for two!"
(Yep. I've never noticed that before.)
Molly then told the lady all about how she's going to play "bollyball" at Penn State when she's "a big tall girl."

Afterward, in the van, Molly told me all about all the things she's going to do when she's grown up:

I'm going to drive the van, and put the key in there.
I'm going to use the big seat belt.
I'm going to sit there in the front (the passenger side) when my brother drives the van.
I'm going to put my own piggies in myself.
I'm going to put all the groceries on the checkout.
I'm going to push the cart.
I'm going to make lunch myself.
I'm going to carry the baby and buckle him into his seat.

She went on and on, and I can't even remember them all, but my favorite, by far, was:

I'm going to clean up poop.