Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring carnival

On Saturday afternoon we took the kids to the spring carnival at Patrick's work. It's aimed at the college students primarily, but they had fun things that our kids could do too and we enjoyed it. The weather was sunny and warm and perfect for spending the afternoon outside. It was great fun, and it wore us all out!

They had a giant (fast) slide that our kids LOVED. I wasn't sure how Molly would do, but she wasn't scared at all. The first thing she said was, "AGAIN!" All the rides and things were free, so we did the slide over and over. I love that we got some pictures of the looks on their faces on the way down - you can see how much fun they were having - and Molly's hair is hysterical.

She had her tongue out and a huge smile every time.

Ready to go again as soon as she was stopped.

He loved it too -they were both racing to get in line again as soon as they got down.

The multicultural student union was painting international flags for the college students. Elijah got Thomas the Tank Engine on both cheeks. I don't think his face painter had prepared for that one, but he did a great job winging it.

She's a Rhode Island girl - gotta love Del's!

Mmmmm ... funnel cake for snack.

The kids also had a great time in the giant bouncy house. There were only a few other little kids there, so they put them all in at once (in between the large groups of rowdy college kids). They had lots of room to run and fall down.

The kids had hot dogs for dinner at the carnival and we headed home, all very tired after such a fun day.