Monday, February 22, 2010

More playing in the snow

It's been a pretty quiet winter here, compared to all the snow everyone else has been getting. But we got a few inches of snow last week, so we had to get out and enjoy it.

Molly did a lot better staying on her feet this time, but she still held my hand most of the time that we were out. She had fun, but I had a hard time getting a picture of her!

Elijah's favorite game in the snow is to make as many footprints as possible.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Celebrating Daddy

Last week we finally celebrated Patrick's birthday (a few months late!) The kids picked out presents for him, and we made him a special dinner and his favorite brownies. Elijah and Molly each picked out a nice outfit to wear for dinner and colored a special picture for Daddy.

My assistant baker.

We gathered our ingredients and put on our aprons.

Elijah mixed it all up.

Molly got her own bowl to mix.

Dressed up in their Happy Birthday Daddy best!

Smiles! We love you, Daddy!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pictures from the weekend

Molly in her church dress & matching coat, and pretty hat made for her by Bobbi.

Not the safest way to go down stairs, buddy.

Cute kiddos reading together.

Friday, February 5, 2010


My favorite of Molly's new words this week:

#1 - "So, Elijah, ..."

Elijah likes to start conversations like, "So, Daddy, how was your day?" or, "So, Mama, I was thinking of an idea ..." Now Molly follows him around all day saying, "So, I-jah, ..."

#2 - "funny"

Molly likes to tell me when she thinks things are funny - which is hilarious, because it is so random. This morning I was getting her dressed and she said, "Pants! Funny." and she chuckled.

A quiet week

With two kids trying to get well again, we've had a pretty quiet week at home. The kids spent quite a few days in their pajamas, and drank a lot juice (both very popular perks of being sick around here), and played and colored and watched videos. They didn't really eat much, and Patrick and I survived on quick, easy meals like scrambled eggs and frozen pizza. Holding a sick baby all day just didn't leave much time or energy for cooking! But we all came through it pretty well, and Patrick and I are thankful that we didn't catch this bug too.

Elijah has been getting better pretty quickly, and he was actually well enough to go to his gymnastics class yesterday morning. Molly has had a much slower recovery, and is still not completely well (even though she got sick earlier than E). We took her back to the doctor on Wednesday. Fortunately, her 6 day-long fever finally went down and stayed down that day (and we got to avoid a trip to the hospital for a chest x-ray - 'cuz that sounds like a lot of fun with a toddler). Her doctor said that Molly had been by far the sickest kid that she saw the day that we first took her in with croup (last Tuesday), and that she was sure when she came in and heard Molly's breathing that day that she'd be sending her to the emergency room right then. Fortunately, her lungs were quite clear and her oxygen levels were great and we did not have to go to the E.R. The doctor said this time that she wasn't surprised to see her still sick, since she had been so very sick last week - it's just going to take some time to get well. Anyway, she seems much better yesterday and today, but she is still having a lot of trouble sleeping and is still coughing a bit.

Here are some pictures of our low-key week.

Elijah got to build some pretty amazing train tracks while Molly took extra naps.

Molly's favorite activity lately has been coloring. She demands that I write her name for her many, many times a day.

Showing me her crayon - "broken"

Here's a little video of Molly coloring, spelling her name ( she says "M-O-Y" or "M-O-Y-Y" - I guess the Ls are the hard part) and saying some of her colors.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Still sick

Yep, the kids are still sick today. Molly woke up with a low fever this morning, but after taking a morning nap, she seemed to feel a lot better. She actually ate more than a couple of bites of lunch - a really good sign after a week of surviving on mostly apple juice and milk. We are still going through tons of kleenex and juice, but hopefully they are both on the mend now.