Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spring Finn

Here are just a couple of baby pictures from May.  Our little man is growing and growing ...

Finn is 10 months old and is getting around the house with his modified army crawl - using only his right arm and his big toes.  He is alarmingly fast despite the inherent difficulty of his method and shows no interest in trading up for a traditional crawl.  I suppose we can commend him for his tenacity - and attach a fuzzy rag to the belly of all his shirts so he can keep the floor clean as he chases, uh, follows me around all day!

Finn continues to enjoy being in the middle of whatever his brother and sister are doing, but more and more also wants lots of attention from his mama.

He sure is a smiley little dude, and loves to laugh at just about anything, especially Elijah being silly.  He has had the most difficulty/pain with teething of any of our kids, but still has plenty of grins for us!  He started teething late, but they came very quickly - the first four came one right after the other.

The night before Mother's Day, Finn slept for 10 hours straight - which was far and away the longest he's ever gone.  His sleeping is getting so much better all of a sudden!  I am thankful for every good night and each day with reasonable naps.  For so long it seemed we would never sleep again!  Hooray for a sleeping baby!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Remembering those who have served and sacrificed, and thankful for those who continue to do so, for us.  And a special thank you to Uncle Cameron and all his Marines in Okinawa, and around the world.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bubba's new look

Elijah got his annual summer haircut this week.  His hair was really long this year!  He looked super cool, but he was getting tired of needing to have it combed every morning, and it is getting hot out - too hot for such thick hair!  Daddy was out of town for a few days at the beginning of the week, but when he got home, he took Elijah to the barber shop.

Before - leaving for the barber shop

After - wow, he got a lot cut off!

Happy Easter!

We celebrated Easter at church, and then at Bobbi & Papa's house.  It was a good day!

Finn was napping

Cute little man!

Bobbi & Papa with their littlest grandbaby

All five of us - it was windy!

Bobbi's egg hunt begins!

The kids had a great time hunting for eggs, and we all enjoyed a lovely day being together.  Happy Easter!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Um, yeah.

Elijah: Daddy, do you know what purloined means?

Daddy: What?

Elijah: It means stolen.

Daddy: Um, yeah.

{The look on Patrick's face was priceless.  Mine, too, I'm sure.  After the first moment of shock, I laughed so hard I almost cried.  I don't know why we continue to be surprised by this kid, but it sure is funny!}

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


He started a little slow, but he's catching on!  Finn loves to eat!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spring pictures

Wow, it looks like we're a couple of months behind on the ol' blog!  Sorry about that.  Here are some pictures from this spring so far.

Trying his second food, pears.  He is not sure about this.

Playing outside with the big kids

Bare feet and bubbles - hooray for spring!

Proud in his T-ball uniform!
Elijah is playing t-ball this year.  We thought it would be a fun way to get in some extra gross motor skills practice, which he always needs.  He loves it!  He is getting better at throwing and catching and hitting, but has a really hard time paying attention during games. =)  (Really surprising, right?!?)  His best friend Isaac is on his team, which makes it even more fun.  The town's baseball and softball leagues have a fun festival on opening day, and the big kids really enjoyed it.

They got to check out the fire truck

and a race car from the local race track

Elijah had an Easter concert at school again this year.  This year he managed to sing and do the motions for all the songs.  It was cute.

Miss Molly loves her fancy dress.

Looking so handsome and grown up!

Finn is starting to overwhelm Molly's lap - but she doesn't mind.

Three cute kids!