Thursday, June 10, 2010

Molly & Tallie's Birthday Bash!

While we were in Annapolis for Commissioning Week, we also got to celebrate Molly and Tallie's birthdays. They were born only 4 weeks apart, and since we were all together in between their birthdays, we decided to throw them a party! We were blessed to have lots of loved ones to celebrate with us. Nana & Grandpa, John & Linde, Cameron, Uncle Alan, Uncle Bruce & Aunt Margie, George & Kathy Cooper, and Uncle Jack & Aunt Bev McCready were all there, and we were so glad that the girls' new aunt, Amanda, could come and celebrate too, despite a busy week of wedding preparations.

Our little birthday girl took a little while to wake up and get used to the big crowd of people that had appeared during nap time.

Just a few of the guests - I guess none of the ladies sat still long enough for a picture.

The girls weren't sure what was supposed to happen with those candles.
Cutie-pie matching outfits!
(Thanks, Piper, for letting Molly borrow yours.)

They sure enjoyed the frosting!

Elijah and Piper enjoyed the food, and the party favors!

Presents! Lots of matching gifts. Too cute.

Tallie just loved the balloons!

Happy Birthday, little girls!

And one last photo of the matching cuties, stolen from John's blog.

A few more pictures of Molly eating frosting (and other birthday fun) are up on Picasa, facebook, and John's blog. Enjoy!

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